ODSC Europe - Ein zweitägiges Abenteuer

Unsere Kollegen Marta Villarroya und Christian Lamberty haben – stellvertretend für das gesamte droxIT-Team - die führende europäische Data Science Konferenz, die ODSC, in London besucht. Dort haben sie sich von Masterminds wie Dr. Shiloulin Sam oder Cassie Kozyrkov über neuesten Technologien aus den Bereichen Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Language und Datenvisualisierung informieren und inspirieren lassen.

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ROXstack - Part 2: ROXcomposer 0.4.0

In our ongoing effort to deliver a microservice framework that gives you an immediate, out of the box access to working microservice architectures we completed our next big step.

This new version has three corner stones which go hand in hand to provide easier access to runtime information on your services:

  1. a dockerized Elastic Stack monitoring environment which is up and running with one command and gives you a dashboard to monitor service KPIs
  2. log observation API endpoint that allow you to receive log lines from selected services
  3. an overhauled command line interface that takes advantage of the new API capabilities

The main goal is to give newcommers as well as experienced users an immediate understanding on what happens inside the system.

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ROXstack - Part 1: ROXcomposer and ROXconnector - microservices as an analytics stack foundation

Here at droxIT, our vision is to provide efficient and universal data processing for everyone. As our path to this vision we elected the development of analysis software stack - an ecosystem of modules that can be combined flexibly in order to provide custom analytics pipelines with ease.

After initial attempts in that direction we decided to solve the infrastructural challenges of this endeavor first. We're currently developing a microservice framework, which aims to solve all our architectural and infrastructural needs. Creating an analytics module with it should be a matter of implementing its logic - nothing more. In the first part of our series we focus on this framework.