Stateless animations in Angular 2

Angular is a popular web framework developed by Google. We opted to use it in our web application development because of it's advanced feature set and active development.

One major challenge with Angular is the integration of D3 visualizations into Angular. This is mostly due to the fact that Angular likes to have complete control over DOM tree manipulations and some of D3's appeal lies in it's powerful and easy to use tools to manipulate said tree. Hence integrating existing D3 code provides some obstacles.

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From thousands of medical studies to the content highlights

In this post we will share high level (technical) concepts involved in the creation and implementation of the droxIT story. The following sections are each devoted to one processing step which will be explained in logical order - from data to visualization. Gaining insights from the vast amounts of information that are easily available over the internet requires a certain amount of processing steps. A set of unordered documents needs to be organized into a system that allows the extraction of highlights to be condensed into something we can understand at a glimpse.

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Investigating Content - medical studies use case

The term (Big) Data Analytics appears everywhere at the moment. Large numbers of documents that need to be processed have reached not only large companies but also small and medium size enterprises, governments and many other public organizations.

What do we expect from (Big) Data Analytics? 

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